The beef is from our own cattle!

95% lean natural grass fed beef!

Steak Dinner Trail Rides
1 hour $80
1 1/2 hour $90
2 hour $100

Swiss or Smothered Steak Trail Rides

Everyone in your party must choose same steak

1 hour  $72

1 1/2 Hour $82

2 Hour $92

Hamburger Dinner Trail Rides
1 hour $65
1 1/2 hour $75
2 hour $85

For riders 7-12 years old, take $5 off. 

Most meals are available for TRAIL RIDES, too!

We can customize your meal and ride so if you don't see one that fits you, call, email, or message us on Facebook and see if we can make it happen!

580-309-0135 • • Facebook


Food rides add 30-45 minutes to your time.

Dinner Ride

Lunch ride

 Add a splash of flavor to the afternoon or evening ride of your choice & let us cook for you on the trail a fare any cowhand would relish; ranch beans, corn on the cob, fried taters & onion and a longhorn steak that will melt in your mouth and canned peaches, of course, for dessert. Some deviation in menu may occur as you never know what JoMama will cook up but it's sure to satisfy the tastebuds!.

 A) Pack a lunch and a drink and add a short stop along your trail ride for an additional $10 to your ride.

  B) Let us pack your lunch as we meet the chuck wagon or JoMama, ranch matriarch, along the way for a lunch stop. JoMama cooks the old fashioned way just like grandma!

Be sure to ask about different group packages and catering!

Comes with all the fixins', skillet beans,  and chips.

Smothered, Swiss or Longhorn Steak come with cowboys potatoes, skillet beans, and an

old fashioned dessert.


or Hot Dogs

Longhorn Steak

Swiss or

Smothered Steak

Campfire meals can accompany any horseback trail ride, camp or day use here at the ranch. All meals come with, water or tea. Below are the menu choices. Deviations may be made in advance, choice of meal for your group must be chosen a day prior to your reservation.

Whether you ride up an appetite, camp wears you out, or you're just passing through, Cookie JoLana (JoMamma) reckons she has 

a meal just for you and yours!

Campfire Meals - Cookie JoLana